January 13, 2016

Criminal Defence Solicitors

Our Criminal defence solicitors specialise in defending people at all stages of the Criminal Justice System, from voluntary interviews at the police station all the way through to the Court of Appeal.  With extensive experience in cases such as murder, manslaughter, drugs related conspiracies valued at millions of pounds and the associated proceeds of crime applications our dedicated and professional solicitors will make sure you get the best legal advice.

Has someone you know been arrested? Are you worried they might not ask for a Solicitor? Are they going to be interviewed under caution?


They are entitled to free legal advice and representation


The effects of Legal Advice and a Solicitors intervention at the Police Station should never be under-estimated.

Our team of dedicated legal professionals have extensive expertise in the full range of criminal matters. We can assess the case as a whole and give you impartial Legal Advice you can rely on. The choices you make in the Police Station can have a critical impact on an investigation, proceedings at court, access to your children and your career prospects.

With the correct advice many cases can be finalised in the Police Station. Our priority is to make certain you are fully informed of all your legal rights so you can be confident in the decisions you make about your future.

By taking full instructions before any interview we can ensure that:

If you have not committed an offence – you put forward, in full, your defence and don’t forget to mention vital information due to the pressures of being interviewed.

You do not admit to an offence, or accept a caution where there is insufficient evidence for a conviction.

You are offered a reprimand, final warning, caution or Fixed Penalty Notice where appropriate (avoiding a potential criminal conviction).

For matters at the Magistrates Court please contact:

Patrick Nelligan: 07966 284459

Martin Hillson: 07980 280548

David Charnley: 07989 409001

Steven Townley:07764 695577

Stephen Charnley: 07800 651266

For advice and assistance on any criminal matter you can contact us by telephone:

Fleetwood office: 01253 771664
Blackpool office: 01253 292848
24 hour pager: 07623 176818

Any matter before the Crown Court can have serious implications for you and your family. Our Crown Court clerk Peter Cocker will provide all necessary advice and assistance.

Which cases will be heard at Crown Court?

All serious offences (Indictable-only) such as murder, manslaughter,kidnap,rioting, rape and robbery will be heard before the Crown Court.

Some Either-way offences may transferred by a Magistrates court if they are deemed more suitable for the Crown Court.

Upon conviction Magistrates may decide a particular case requires a more substantial sentence than they are allowed to impose. In these circumstances a case may be sentenced in the Crown Court.

Appeals from the Magistrates court will be heard before the Crown Court..

For any queries relating to the cost of a criminal case please contact our Blackpool office on 01253 292848 for a Quote. Criminal case management and advocacy are charged on a time engaged basis at a rate of £150 per hour plus VAT (£180 per hour including VAT).

We may agree a lower fee, or a fixed fee depending on the amount of work involved. We reserve the right to charge a higher fee if a matter is particularly complex, difficult or serious.

We operate a 24-hour on call police station rota 365 days a year so there will always be someone available to assist you at any time, day or night.


Patrick Nelligan:                    07966 284459

Martin Hillson:                       07980 280548

David Charnley:                     07989 409001

Steven Townley:                    07764 695577

Mitch Sarangi                         07786 062147

Gerry Coyle                            07787 556788

Fleetwood office:                   01253 771664

Blackpool office:                    01253 292848

24 HR Emergency pager:     07623 176818